Simple Coffee Tool You Will Notice The Flavour Of AN Expensive Barrista Coffee At Home

Coffee Alive Gives You The Barista Secret To Smooth Flavours In Less Then 2o Seconds!

The Coffee Alive Is Simple And Locks In Flavor That Is Usually Lost During Brewing!

You know when you walk into a room and you smell coffee? That’s lost flavor that escaped into the air. Coffee Alive captures those flavors through blanching (extract chilling) and puts them back into your cup. Place the Coffee Alive Tool on top of your cup, during the brewing process, to lock in the flavors as the coffee runs over the frosty ball.

1: Freeze

2: Brew Over Frozen Ball

3: Enjoy More Flavor!

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Extract Chilling At Its Best


Simply Place The Frozen Coffee Alive Tool Ontop Of Your Cup While Brewing

With 1000’s of happy customers and counting!

  • Honestly this has been a great addition to step up anyone’s at home coffee game. My only regret is not ordering more sooner.

    Henry Fisher

  • This thing truly unlocks the potential of my brew. The blanching process makes a noticeable difference, enhancing the flavors and aroma. Easy to use and clean. My morning coffee has never tasted better!

    Suntikorn Anonsiriporn

  • At first I was hesitate to order it but this could be one of my favorite espresso tools I owe use it every time. You can taste the difference.



I beleive that everyone deserves to enjoy good coffee and espresso. With the Coffee Alive tool, that went viral in the barrista world, everyone’s morning will taste better without breaking the bank. Coffee is an important part of the day and I want everyone to take a moment and love their mornings.

  • Coffee Alive helps to lock in more flavor that would typically escape into the air.

  • With its handy hook feature, Coffee Alive can be hung in the freezer, making it easy to chill before use.

  • Coffee Alive is made with 304 Stainless Steel.

    We also use medical grade Gold Plating for people with metal sensitivity

  • Featuring dishwasher-safe design and a lifetime guarantee for enduring quality.

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Frequently Asked Question

Will It Make My Coffee/ Espresso Cold?

Using Coffee Alive will bring your coffee or espresso to the perfect drinking temperature. If you want it hotter, you can prewarm the cup. Remember, you should only use the Coffee Alive tool for approximately the first 30% of the brewing process, and then remove it.

How Do I Clean It?

The initial cleaning of the Coffee Alive tool involves washing it with warm soapy and water. Subsequently, you can simply rinse it with running water.

Is There A Taste Difference With The Gold Version?

No, there is no taste difference. But its ideal for people that have nickel sensitivity, and it looks amazing! There is nothing that looks better then gold!

How Big Is It?

12cm x 9cm or 4.75"x 3.5".
 The ball is 40mm or 1.5"