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Barista Coffee In 20 Seconds

One Gold And One Stainless

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One Gold And One Stainless

  • Turn any coffee or espresso machine into barista perfection
  • From bitter to bold in no time at all
  • Just run your brew over the frozen Coffee Alive tool to instantly upgrade it
  • Gold or Stainless Steel, You've got options
  • Feel like a cool Barista AND make your mates jealous

More Info:

Coffee Alive
Nothing beats a coffee made from your favourite barista- except maybe an amazing brew from your very own home.

Never battle with crowds, struggle for a seat, or have to hang outside on the pavement just to enjoy your favourite coffee again!
The Coffee Alive tool gives you a coffee that is more sweat and smooth from ANY coffee beans. Even the cheapest economy beans can be instantly transformed into a luxurious coffee with just a frozen ball.

The Coffee Alive tool maybe a sleek tool, but its deceptively grounded by science in the process called "Extract Chilling" (blanching). By running the coffee over the frozen ball, it essentially locks in the aroma that normally escapes into the air giving you enhanced aroma, flavour, and silky smooth mouth-feel.

Get a Air Fryer and the ingredients to make biscuits and you've basically completely replicated your local coffee shop. Snobby barista and and high prices not included.

Product Details:

Product Features:

  • Coffee Alive
  • Use on any type of coffee/ espresso machine and pour overs
  • Super easy to use
  • Looks damn sleek on you cup
  • Gold and Stainless steel options (Gold is recommended for people with metal sensitivity)

12cm x 9cm or 4.75"x3.5"
The ball is 40mm or 1.5"

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Food Grade

Made with food safe 304 Stainless Steel.

24k Gold

We use 100% medical grade 24 karate Gold in plating the Coffee Alive tool. The Gold Plated option is recomended for people with nickel sensitivity.

Patent Pending Design

The Coffee Alive tool is desinged to sit on any coffee and espresso cup. It also features a hook so it can hang in you freezer!


Enjoy the convenience of easy cleaning with dishwasher-safe materials.


Rest assured with our lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind and long-lasting performance.

Upgrade Your Espresso Game Without Buying a New Expensive Machine

Simple And Easy

1: Freeze

2: Brew Over Frozen Ball

3: Enjoy More Flavor!


Simply Place The Frozen Coffee Alive Tool Ontop Of Your Cup While Brewing... Thats It!

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